Vendor Terms and Condition

ISKAPARATE, INC. (hereinafter referred to as ISKAPARATE) owns and manages an online marketplace called which enables entrepreneurs to sell their products online.

Organizations (hereinafter referred to as VENDORS) that produce and/or distribute products and/or services may, with prior approval from ISKAPARATE, use the latter’s online marketplace to sell such products and/or services.

ISKAPARATE and the VENDOR are collectively referred to herein as THE PARTIES.

The use by the VENDOR of the ISKAPARATE marketplace is subject to the following terms and conditions:

a. All digital content to be used by the VENDOR in promoting and publishing its products and/or services in the ISKAPARATE marketplace shall comply with the latter’s standards and specifications. ISKAPARATE may disallow the use of any digital content that, in its sole judgment, fails to meet its standards and specifications or may cause harm to the reputation of the entire marketplace, violate existing laws, or run counter to existing morals or norms of good conduct and behavior.

b. For the use of its online marketplace, ISKAPARATE shall charge the VENDOR a service fee that is either a fixed amount per time period or a percentage of the published sale price on or depending on the agreement of the PARTIES.

c. The VENDOR acknowledges that it is the seller of the goods and/or services published in the online marketplace and hereby holds ISKAPARATE free from any liability to external parties arising from the VENDOR’s use of such online marketplace.

d. The VENDOR shall fulfill orders in a timely manner and in accordance with all terms and conditions made known by the VENDOR to the ordering customer

through published information in the online marketplace at the time of the latter’s purchase.

e. Any payments received by ISKAPARATE from the ordering customer shall be remitted to the VENDOR as soon as the latter is able to prove delivery to and acceptance by the ordering customer, net of all amounts due to ISKAPARATE and, where applicable, to government’s revenue agencies. The remittance period shall also be subject to payout cycles and timetables prescribed by the designated payment gateway of the online marketplace.

f. Any complaint received by the ISKAPARATE from an ordering customer shall be promptly relayed to the VENDOR who shall thereafter promptly resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction;

g. ISKAPARATE shall be responsible for any taxes on its service fee while the VENDOR shall be responsible for any taxes on its sales;

h. The VENDOR shall promote its products published in the online marketplace through all possible means such as social media, print, word of mouth, events, etc. and shall encourage and facilitate the consummation of all sales via the online platform.

i. The VENDOR shall commit to target sales volumes agreed with ISKAPARATE.

j. At any time, ISKAPARATE may unpublish the VENDOR’s products from the online marketplace if: (1) the VENDOR fails to meet its target sales volumes for six consecutive months; (2) the VENDOR violates any terms and conditions of the vendor agreement; (3) the VENDOR does not resolve a legitimate and reasonable customer complaint satisfactorily.

k. This Agreement shall be in full force and effect until terminated by either of the PARTIES by giving thirty (30) days’ notice to the other party.