About Us

Iskaparate is an online platform that attempts genuine social and economic inclusion. It seeks to arrest the widening digital divide between the wealthy and the poor.

The Iskaparate Founders

The Iskaparate Founders

A group of social entrepreneurs created a platform that would put micro-entrepreneurs (most of them Nanays or entrepreneurial mothers) in the digital space. Today, the platform provides not only digital presence but also online selling support, continuous training, and entrepreneurial guidance.

Launched on Sept 8, 2020, it started with only thirty-three (33) entrepreneurial mothers who were members of Kabuhayan sa Ganap na Kasarinlan, a microfinance institution operating in the urban poor areas of Central Luzon, Metro Manila, and Calabarzon.

Within a year, more than twenty other organizations with a collective membership of close to 300,000 joined the Iskaparate movement and helped their members become sellers in the marketplace. Today, there are more than micro-entrepreneurs selling on Iskaparate.com.

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